The Ten Principles Behind Great Customer Experiences

Customers are powerful. They have a loud voice, a wealth of choice and their expectations are higher than ever. 

This book covers ten principles you can use to make real world improvements to your customers’ experiences, whatever your business does and whoever you are.

Praised by readers for its practical advice and inspiring case studies, the book was the overall winner of the CMI's Management Book of the Year, 2014

Read a sample chapter - "Great customer experiences are stress free"

A fascinating read and a book I keep going back to. We found it so useful at work that the entire team now have their own copy on their desks. Priceless!
— Andy Puddicome, Headspace
The Ten Principles Behind Great Customer Experiences is the best book, today, on Customer Experience. It is clearly written by someone who is in the trenches grappling with the subject matter. It is practical. It is well structured. It is easy to read. It is useful. It even made me laugh.
— Maz Iqbal, Customer Think
I love this book! Finally, someone really, really gets it about the customer. As customers we need experiences that make us buy and buy again, intelligently and happily. Matt’s guide to that end is brilliant.
— Nancy Kline, Author of Time to Think
Glance at its title and Matt Watkinson’s business tome seems innocuous enough, but crack open the spine and the prose reveals a cerebral and often original approach to design, customer service and management.
— Sophie Grove, Business Editor, Monocle
A fundamental must read for CX pros…An excellent book. Well reasoned conceptual theory with pragmatic examples and rich case studies.
— Ryan Hart, Forrester Research

Reader Reviews

Quite simply, the Ten Principles is an astonishing overview of why certain products and services are the leaders in their market…essential reading for any designer or business to improve their offerings.
If you are thinking of starting a business, if you already have a business, if you are an employee who cares about what makes customers tick - please buy this book.
Unlike a lot of books this one will not waste your time. Warning: You may get neck ache from nodding along to this book.
The book turns something that feels difficult and complex - scary even - to many businesses, into a clear science.
I’ve been doing customer experience design for more than 9 years and this is one of only 2 books that I’ve read cover to cover...Oh and I’ve made lots of notes in the margins.
Almost don’t want to put it down. So accessible and logical with masses of examples and evidence to back everything up. I’ll re-use this for years.
If you want to know what constitutes a great customer experience, get yourself a copy of Matt Watkinson’s book.
My business partner and I have been carrying this book around like a bible for the past few weeks whilst blocking out our new start up... I don’t see us leaving it on the side any time soon either.
This is a must read for customer experience professionals. Wonderful book and amazing complimentary worksheets!
My recommendation: buy this book, read it, and get everyone you work with to do the same.
This is quite simply the best “business book” I have read. It is a highly motivational and practical book - a toolkit which we can all use to understand and positively influence what our customers experience.
Outstanding - I’ve bought 20 copies for colleagues and clients and all have been vehement in their praise.
I am a trainer in customer service and this gives a totally explosive outside the box approach. I love it.
As a self-confessed business book junkie; this book seemed like an interesting addition to my collection. The difference with this book is that I actually read it cover to cover.