I help my clients create products, services and experiences that their customers love


Customer profiling and segmentation

Satisfying your customers is difficult unless you know who they are, what they want, and how they differ. I help clients profile their customers using a more detailed version of the approach outlined in my book.


Before you can create a great customer experience, you've got to nail the value proposition. I've spent three years developing a proprietary method for doing this, which is already being used by a handful of visionary clients.

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I have a decade's experience helping an enviable roster of A-list clients around the world create websites, software, mobile / tablet apps and multi-channel experiences that their customers love.



Every organisation faces different challenges when they try to improve their customer experience. Where do we start? What should we measure? Who should be in charge? An honest, informed opinion can go a long way.

Any product marketer would benefit from Matt’s stellar analysis and authority on customer experience.
— Natalie Malevsky, Telefonica Digital
I worked with Matt when I was Head of Customer Innovation at HSBC, creating a new approach to customer journey mapping. Matt was incredibly knowledgeable, challenged our thinking and was determined to create the best possible output for us. What we created was different to anything we’d previously had, and Matt’s simple, practical design meant that we could put it into action straight away.
— John Sills
Matt’s fresh-thinking and no nonsense approach to design was extremely helpful on a number of our key projects. By mentoring key team members he brought new energy for customer experience to the business.
— Edd Read, CTO and Co-founder, Graze

Who I've worked with

I've worked on projects for household names in retail banking, healthcare, automotive, luxury goods, travel, advertising, retail, technology, telecommunications and FMCG. 

Why they choose me

Deep knowledge of my subject matter - I've read 200+ books on my field and written one

A decade's practical experience across a variety of sectors and organisation sizes

Straight-forward and fun to work with