If you stop looking at job titles and start looking at who controls what resources, you’ll come to an under-appreciated realization: nobody has more influence over the customer experience in most large organizations than the CIO, regardless of who is responsible for it on paper.

The days of IT being order takers and the people you call to fix your printer are long gone. The modern CIO is a strategic lynchpin and often in the driving seat when it comes to the digital transformation programs that are en vogue today.

They typically also own the platforms that enable or prevent your CX vision from becoming reality, and the systems that provide the data you need to measure the performance of your CX initiatives. With their support progress will be far easier. Without it you’ll be up a certain creek without a paddle. So what should you do?

Make the relationship with your CIO a priority. Listen, learn and share. Understand what makes their life easier and how you can work well together. Welcome them and their team to the CX table. Involve them as early as you can. Collaborate.

Treat them as a valuable partner and you'll reap the benefits.

Matt Watkinson