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Business decision-making is dominated by reductionist methods: studying capabilities in isolation, then making local improvements. The problem is that everything in a business is connected — the whole doesn’t behave like the sum of the parts.

There’s little point improving the customer experience if the proposition is fundamentally uncompetitive. Cost cutting can make you less profitable, not more. So how can you focus on the real opportunities and skip the boondoggles? How do you improve one aspect of your business without compromising another?

Our unique, holistic approach — as described in The Grid — allows you to see your business as a single, interconnected whole. From this aerial viewpoint you can spot opportunities more easily, capitalise on them more effectively, and measure the impact of initiatives more accurately. This systems-based philosophy is behind every service we provide.

Our services

Grid training and workshops

We offer two training packages: a half-day introduction to the grid, and a two-day programme that gives us time to explore key topics in more detail.

These lively and engaging sessions will expand your team’s business knowledge, help them see past their department to the broader implications of their work, and give them a “lingua franca” for team discussions that makes collaboration more effective. The result? Better decisions that improve the whole business, not just parts of it.

Growth strategy

There are many routes to profitable growth: acquiring new customers, improving retention and raising prices, to name a few. But, which will offer the greatest returns? Our holistic approach helps you discover the true constraints limiting your performance, and pinpoint the most promising opportunities for growth.

New proposition development

Creating a winning product or service is challenging and always will be. There’s a lot to think about, and you only need to miss one piece of the puzzle for it to be game over. Whilst there’s no magic formula or silver bullet, our structured approach — based on the grid — can help you evaluate and refine your product or service ideas, shifting the odds of success in your favour.

Customer experience

Our thought-leadership in customer experience is well established: The Ten Principles Behind Great Customer Experiences is still amongst the category best-sellers five years after publication, and our ideas have shaped the thinking of thousands of professionals worldwide.

Our capabilities include: customer experience strategy, user research and testing, customer segmentation and profiling, journey mapping, service design and user experience — where our journey began ten years ago.

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