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– Hi Matt, mind if I ask you a few questions about your speaking stuff?

Sure, fire away.


– What do you speak about?

Mostly the contents of my books. I often present about The Ten Principles Behind Great Customer Experiences. Another popular talk is The Leader’s Guide to Customer Experience which helps managers think about CX the right way.

When it comes to The Grid, one popular presentation introduces the model and how to use it to improve decision-making. There’s also a version for a start-up or entrepreneurial audience that shows how to use the grid to refine and test their new business ideas.

I do a lot of customised presentations too. Whatever’s going to make the audience happy.


– Where do you speak?

All over the world — from Africa to Australia, Europe, all across the USA...everywhere. The IMAX at the Science Museum, and a tropical island off the Brazilian coast are highlights so far. Nice work if you can get it.


– What kind of audiences do you speak for?

It’s a mix of industry conferences, and company off-sites or annual events. It’s a wide range of people too — from government officials to the Royal Marines, brands like Microsoft, HSBC, O2, Experian and Ogilvy, and professional and academic bodies like the Institute of Directors and Cass Business School.


– I hear you’re consistently a top-rated speaker at conferences. Why do you think that is?

Ha — well, I do my best. I think it’s a combination of things. I focus on practical, real-world guidance — things the audience could start doing differently tomorrow.

I have a pretty laid-back and down-to-earth style, and try to bring the topics to life with off-beat, quirky examples. The audience want to be entertained, not sit through a boring lecture. People remember the ideas a lot more if they actually enjoy the presentation, so I try to bring some gentle humour to proceedings.


– How would someone book you for an event?

Most bookings are direct because they come through word of mouth, referral or from repeat clients. You can email meg@matt-watkinson.com to get the ball rolling. There's also an event manager’s pack (.ZIP, 13.8MB) with all the essentials: high-res photos, a bio and that kind of stuff.

Matt was the top-rated speaker of the Digital Innovation Day 2016 in Germany — a tough crowd to please! If you’re looking for a speaker to enrich your event look no further — Matt is amongst the best there is.
I just wanted to say a huge thanks for your presentation. Your session was very well received, with overwhelmingly positive feedback. It was a pleasure working with you and hope we can do it again in the future.
Matt is a dynamic and inspiring speaker, seamlessly illustrating big marketing ideas with accessible, fascinating cases. He was a true highlight of our events, receiving rave reviews from both our audience and staff.
Every time Matt Watkinson speaks at our events the feedback is amazing. Matt is informative and insightful, and his anecdotes are interesting but relevant which bring a fun and entertaining side to his presentations.

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The event manager’s pack has all the essentials:
bio, high-res headshots and answers to FAQs.

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