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The factors that make or break your business on a single page.

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Shift the odds of success in your favour

Is my start-up idea likely to succeed?

What can I do to make my business more profitable?

How will a decision in one business area affect the rest?


The answers to these questions and more can be found in the grid: a simple yet immensely powerful model — the first to treat a business as an inter-connected whole, rather than a collection of individual departments. This unique, holistic approach helps you consider decisions from all the perspectives that matter.

Bring clarity and confidence to your decision-making

The grid provides decision-makers, from start-up founders to CEOs, with the mental scaffolding to:

  • Evaluate and refine product and service ideas
  • Reduce risk by considering the broader impact of strategic decisions
  • Identify the root causes of business challenges
  • Anticipate the impact of changes in your market and turn them to your advantage
  • Collaborate more effectively

Everything you need to get started — quick-start guide, worksheets and templates to help share your findings.

Clear, concise, and crammed with inspiring examples — The Grid is a business book you’ll actually enjoy reading.